I began my career agency-side, helping businesses grow via content strategy. But along the way, I learned to code and built my own company. Thanks to this unique trajectory, I now bring a systems-thinking perspective and cross-functional fluency to the projects I work on.

These days, you'll find me operating at the intersection of code and design as a UX engineer at FullStory. (I also tend to tinker with various side projects — a few of which I've listed below.)

Music for Makers homepage

Role(s) Founder, designer, developer, etc.

Stack WordPress (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

Music for Makers →

I've been running this business since 2015. To create a distinct experience, I designed and developed a bespoke child theme in 2019. (I also did everything else, including illustration and music production.) But I'm in the process of transitioning to a more modern tech stack.


Role(s) Designer, developer, strategist

Stack SvelteKit (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

MakeVideos.online →

To get more familiar with SvelteKit, I built this microsite that allows you to filter a list of online video editors by a range of criteria. And thanks to an integration with Cloudflare KV Workers, you can even "like" individual tools — which influences how the list is ordered.

Keynote for Video course HTML5 multiplayer game Space Battle PhaserJS game

What else?

I've made a few other things over the last several years, including a Keynote animation course, zenmix.io (sold in 2019), multiple browser-based video games, a handful of freelance web projects, and the odd experiment or two.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world wide web — enjoy the rest of your day!