I began my career agency-side, helping businesses grow via content strategy. But along the way, I learned to code and built my own company. Thanks to this unique trajectory, I now bring a systems-thinking perspective and cross-functional fluency to the projects I work on.

These days, you'll find me operating at the intersection of code and design — creating interactive moments of delight. To see what I mean, check out a few of my recent projects below.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world wide web — enjoy the rest of your day!

The Wildest homepage

Role(s) Frontend software engineer

Stack GatsbyJS (TypeScript React, Sass, GraphQL), Contentful

The Wildest →

As a frontend dev at Kinship, I'm helping build TheWildest.com — a young (launched April 2021) and rapidly growing (over 300k registered users) web app. I've gotten to learn new libraries, such as D3.js and GSAP, and refine my SVG animation skills in the process.

Music for Makers homepage

Role(s) Founder, designer, developer, etc.

Stack WordPress (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

Music for Makers →

I've been running this business (built on WordPress) since 2015. To create a distinct experience, I designed and developed a bespoke child theme in 2019. But I'm in the process of transitioning to a more modern tech stack.


Role(s) Designer, developer, strategist

Stack SvelteKit (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

MakeVideos.online →

To get more familiar with SvelteKit, I built this microsite that allows you to filter a list of online video editors by a range of criteria. And thanks to an integration with Cloudflare KV Workers, you can even "like" individual tools — which influences how the list is ordered.

Keynote for Video course HTML5 multiplayer game Space Battle PhaserJS game

What else?

I've made a few other things over the last several years, including a Keynote animation course, zenmix.io (sold in 2019), multiple browser-based video games, and a handful of freelance web projects.

If you're curious to see what I'm dabbling in now (hint: immersive 3D experiences), check out my CodePen experiments →